ATPL (A) THEORY (general information)

The theory is organized as follows, so you will need to plan to be here for the 1 week revision + 1 week exam sitting for each module. I’m sure we could combine some modules if you want to reduce the number of trips.
Subjects are being separated into four (4) modules. Each ATPL theoretical instruction shall start in the following order:

Module 1 (Initial Phase)

• Principles of Flight (POF)
• Aircraft General Knowledge (AGK)
• Communications (COM)
• Mass and Balance (MBL)

Module 2 (VFR Navigation Phase)

• Instruments (INS)
• Meteorology (MET)
• General Navigation (NAV)

Module 3 (IFR Phase)

.• Radio Navigation (RNAV)
• Human Factors (HF)
• Air Law (AL)

Module 4 (Completion Phase)

• Operational Procedure (OPS)
• Performance (PERF)
• Flight Planning and Monitoring (FP)

Each Module shall be completed before next module start.
The theoretical knowledge is delivered in the classroom and by Computer Based Training (CBT).
CBT is controlled by a network-based Learning Management System (LMS) which is accessible to managers through the internet. These parts are mandatory for all Students but it can also be provided as Distance Learning in Part Time students monitoring them using the LMS. For Full time students and for Distance Learning Students ATPL Theory takes approximately 8 months.
At the end of each module a refreshment session, takes place, of one-week containing revision and the final progress tests of each subject. For distance learning students these parts fulfil the requirement for the 10% classroom instruction.
Distance Learning Phases
Training during the distance learning phases is scheduled to enable smooth progression through the course, to allow continuous monitoring of performance and to regulate the total period of training undertaken.