Konstantinos Apostolopoulos

Maintenance Manager


Mr. Apostolopoulos is working at Superior Air as Mechanic (maintenance staff) & Maintenance Postholder since the establishment of the company.
His previous working experience was at Dekeleia Aeroclub as an Airplane & Helicopter Mechanic and at Aerotechnica S.A. with the same duties.

He holds the following Licenses and Ratings:


Federal Aviation Administation Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic License.
European Aviation Safety Administration Part 66 License (Full B1)


Cessna 208/208B (CARAVAN)
Robinson Helicopter Co. R22/R44
Bell 206 / Agusta Bell 206 Series
Bell 407
Agusta A109 Series with RR 250 Engines
Tecnam P2006T
Robinson R66 Turbine (Factory Training)
Rolls Royce RR300 Turbine Engine (Factory Training)
Robinson Helicopter M/R Blades Repair and Overhaul Factory Training

His hobbies could not be more similar to his working expertise, as he is involved to Motorcycle restoration and Go Kart racing.